I’m “WORK. in Progress . . .”


CHange/growth is inevitable. there will be a time when most grow spiritually, you will start to lose folks because you aren’t riding the same frequency as them anymore, you are elevating; slowly but surely. Solitude will be your peace, being alone will not mean you’re lonely, it is being one with inner peace. it is understanding or getting to understand who you are, and accepting these changes and evolving into that new physicality, mentality, spiritual level, and emotional state. rejecting it only stagnates your growth and can lead you into a state of confusion and inward frustration(can lead to depression and anxiety when you don’t embrace the new level you). embrace your sense of self, and release all that does not contribute or equate to your new found self. You have to be alone and spend time with yourself to figure yourself out, analyze yourself, assess yourself and mentally remind yourself of these tools to help you with your universal transformation. it will be no overnight process, for we are forever evolving and challenges force us to try.

for example, a caterpillar. the go from crawling, eating from the planet, to naturally preparing and creating a cocoon for themselves. they were in strict solitude and protective space to transform its body into a butterfly, embracing these stages that come naturally for them, it’s a intuitive and innate action we all embark in within our lives that we cannot run from. the only thing we must remind yourself is to not run from it, and combat everything that comes with this transformation. Learn ourselves, and train ourselves to recognize these switches and just flow and go with the changes instead of fighting again the flow, that’s how tsunamis start. its important to remove ourselves from negative and toxic energy especially when you aren’t or trying to not be in that space. because once you exist in that space for too long, you become apart of that space, you are one with that frequency. aim towards what makes your soul happy, what will help you endure and focus you more towards your goals and future.

within the light there is darkness(your truth, secrets, undiscovered issues, unresolved inner issues, childhood traumas, unspoken feelings, etc), but within the darkness there is light( a new discovery, healing, dealing, accepting, facing, uncovering, associating with your feeling, releasing, recognizing).


When you allow those demons inside you to be released that’s when you feel the most pain, the evil, the most damaged. Not when they are inside on you, but when they are releasing, because you are dealing with them, facing them, DISSECTING THEM AND FIGURE WHAT THEY ARE FEEDING OFF OF. Maybe even Sankofa? If necessary.

Reflect on SELF, recognize your light, ACCEPT your light, be your light, shine your light.

“You see you can’t run away from your pain
Because where ever you run there you will be
You have to learn to water your spiritual garden
Then you will be free”