when one becomes enlightened in spirituality, it’s never “all positive vibes”, with the good that comes with it, the opposite goes right along with it. when you have a spiritual awakening, it’s like a struggle because all the things your were programmed to know or conditioned to do began to lose its power; those illusions become fractured. your mind began to realize its has its own parallel dimensions and is now more analytical with perspective and how they views situations and happenings. you’ve began to clean your computer from viruses stored and infiltrated in your mind by intruders. these images and words you once believed becomes distorted. your veil is lifted and your awareness of self and the world around you is held in judgement. you see this same world, feel a different way, your eye is subconsciously open to the hidden vibrational messages you were once unknown to. you began to see what’s blind to the eye that is naked, you become conscious of everything around you, your environment and everything that surrounds it.

this journey is never linear, and you are exposed to alot and that’s why it’s important to protect yourself and your energy/aura/frequency when ever you feel is disrupted, attacked,drained or you become overwhelmed by others energy waves/ situations happening within the world or our community. all about elevation but we aren’t excluded from negative energy especially when you are more acceptable to it, since you’re senses are heightened to recognize them.

it is ok to fully experience and embrace your emotions, positive and negative. I cant hang with the “positive vibes only” clan; i like those who are comfortable with expressing the entire spectrum of human emotions. i feel like people who are like this in la la land and are extremely one sided. i can hang with people who are all positive in the ways i can’t deal with anyone who is all negative, that is very draining; there is a need for a balance.

there is darkness in all light for that where light come from, and it’s not about not liking it, its about accepting and dealing with what is. its like youre trying to protect yourself from the truth. observe not absorb. be vigilant. the negative helps you grow, it helps you deal with those bad solutions, you have to experience life (good&bad) to understand LIFE. because in real life, your aren’t always going to win, it all depends on how you deal with that after you realize that. fully experience and embrace your emotions. positive and negative.

Allow yourself to embrace and live in every emotion, feel everything, just never stay there for too long. Allowing yourself to explore your emotional spectrum, It’s a very healthy thing. Overstand that. Its growth.