Black Owned All-Natural Body Care Items Haul [PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION]

Just did a haul and review on these black owned items:
*Himalayan toothpaste(not this one)
*African heritage deodorant
*Shea butter brand
*coconut oil brand
*black soap brand
*sugar body scrub #blackownedbusiness #blackownedbrand #blackgold

Its need for us to support our black owned businesses to build up our communities economically by practicing group economics(and group politics also), by abandoning these establishments and corporations that don’t support, respect, and go against our very being, that are backed by these systems of control that are here to oppress and push a destructive agenda.,(alternatives) but also, support love & respecf of self and each other and take care of self; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, internally and externally natural and holistic products(foods, health, body care, etc) free of chemicals and harmful poisons that are put in our items and practices (yoga, meditation, sage burning, exercise, etc). . there are many ways to protest, whether its rallying, (blocking access to these estsblishments) , verbally, action wise, community building and educating, artisticslly, musically, economically, internally, externally, educationing yourself and educating others. There are a variety of ways to speak out when it comes to activism amd protest beyond the regular we already practice, all which are helpful against what were up against. Here are some black owned businesses, sites and directories that represents what is stated above.

tlyricallefty: β€œ Today’s meal 😍 #foodporn #fruit #energy (at SPoT Rochester) ”

tlyricallefty: β€œ My definitely of high. Mangos, pineapples, and kiwi.🍍🍈🍊 #foodporn ”