Queen Left

is an artist who not only wants to change the music scene with her authenticity but also change the game bringing value and purpose in her craft of rap and singing. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, at age 14, queen discovered her passion for wanting to become an entertainer, already a music lover, queen use to obsessively look into artists like erykah badu, Michael and janet jackson, but mostly tupac shakur and lisa left eye lopes, she’d seen not only could she relate to these two musical geniuses on a personal level but also the subject matter and socially conscious vision they hold in their music and spoke publicly of. Being more engaged into that, queen realized her purpose in life was to emulate what her idols did in their music, but also incorporate her own style and innovative lyrics and music. Not only is she talented with words but she uses dance as an art form to express herself. Currently working on music, Queen is using her musical styles of hip-hop/ soul/ and jazz to show her versatility and bring out the message she wants to convey to the world. Queen’s music is powerful and guaranteed to bring the old feeling music use to have back into peoples lives.

Management Team:
Charles Kendrick, SLANT Management & Entertainment LLC

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